“It’s just the right combination of things: Alex is young and good looking and lives in Brooklyn and has good taste in glasses and tells you how to make super delicious things that you can make or just rest assured that someone out there is making super delicious things.” – Marc at Marc4Marc

“I love how you have equated your passion to love with your passion for breakfast.” – Mamta Tibrewala

“I really like his style of writing and it kind of makes me feel like living in the city of my dreams as well.” – Maxime at Mixxedtape

“I love your thoughts and photography and I’m looking forward to getting a sense of New York … Making ordinary things read beautifully.” – Fiona at Life, Lyrics and Lemoncake

“I’ve never met a person who could write (or speak, perhaps I’ll never know!) so eloquently.” – Lexie at My Perfectly Imbalanced Life

“I really like the parallel you draw between life and cooking. You never really know what you’re going get.” – Tru at Images By Tru

“I’m wishing I could sit across from you in real life and break toast, peel a hard boiled egg maybe. You have a gift for the word.” – 

“…One of those bloggers I could lean over and kiss for actually replying to EVERY reader who comments; I think that reaffirms my faith in humanity.” – Anonymous

“A beautiful declaration of love for Breakfast, if ever I heard one!” – Mel at Treehouse Kitchen


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