Who is the Breakfast Bachelor?

The Breakfast Bachelor is Alexander Testere: a Brooklyn-based chef and private caterer with a passion for brunch and the convivial magic of a passed-around plate.  He revels in both rigorous recipes and the surprises in simplicity and places his enthusiasm for eating second only to that for entertaining.  Guided by gastronomy and good friends, he believes that no meal is complete without company.

Find him on Facebook and Twitter for more updates on what’s happening in his kitchen.



The kettle’s on, and you’re invited.



42 thoughts on “Who is the Breakfast Bachelor?

  1. LOVE IT. Just love it.

    Ahh…pancakes. Friend and sometimes, after about seventy four of them, foe but always delicious.

  2. Love this blog! Just found it on the Freshly Pressed!

    Just starting blogging myself. Trying to navigate it without feeling like a cheap imitation of many blogs I read daily…haha

    Twitter: @graylinsample


  3. Awesome blog and I really love your style. Who would have thought that breakfast was so interesting? I’ll start reading your blog in the mornings from now on then maybe my morning will get a new glow through you 🙂

    • I’m sure it misses you! And thanks! I went a big part of my life abandoning breakfast, but it’s seriously become one of my favorite parts of my day. Totally worth trying to let it back into your life 🙂

    • Hi, Katie! I think I’m an informal writer, though I was raised on the formal writing we all are expected to do in school. Since graduating college, and having no more academic writings to pursue, I feel like I’ve allowed a stronger sense of style and voice to permeate my writing. It may come at the price of an “informal” placement of a comma, or what might seem to a professor a run-on sentence or fragment, but I believe it to be the truest to my voice, and that’s what I’m trying to accomplish. Hope I answered your question, and thanks for the compliment, and for reading!


  4. Hi Alex,
    I’ve just stumbled upon your bolg and I’m having a faboulous tour through it!
    If you ever decide to come to Rome feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly show you around, meanwhile we can exchange some recepts!


  5. Wow. This is my new favorite blog. Your writing is outstanding. The way you describe food transports me. Thank you , Thank you! Can’t wait to see your next post.

  6. I was checking out some freshly pressed”s” and I tripped, fell over and landed here. As a result, I’ve wasted an hour and a half of work time in pure food heaven. I LOVE eggs. I LOVE your recipes. I LOVE this blog.

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