Blueberry Peach Clafoutis: VIDEO


Today, which just HAPPENS to be Valentine’s Day … go figure, my friend Kerry had the cast of a new play she’s starring in come cook a little bit of breakfast with me.  The play is called “All Collections,” by Paul Cohen, and will be premiering through Blowout Theatre Company at WorkShop Theater Company’s Jewel Box Theater on March 7th, and will play through March 16th.

“All Collections” is directed by Emmy Frank and stars Kerry Kastin, Matt Lenzi, Justin Mohr, and Melissa Navia (not featured in this video).

We thought, since it is Valentine’s Day, we might as well make something decadent and sweet, and something that could easily find its way onto your dessert table instead of your breakfast table.  Or ideally both.  Check out the video to see the cast navigate their way through my kitchen, open up a bit about some of their favorite breakfast moments, and end up with a wildly delectable pie … cake … custard … thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the clafoutis.  I adapted this recipe from my friend Katy over at Tooth & Kale, so check out hers if you’d like!  She uses almond milk for a non-dairy alternative.

before clapping final group

Whether you’re celebrating love, celebrating nothing, or kind of like me … not celebrating at all (though I suppose champagne before 10am could be considered a celebration), cook something.  Always cook something.



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