(All But The) Kitchen Sink Omelette

So maybe the title isn’t quite so glamorous.  Whatever, it speaks to the true versatility of the omelette!  I used to think that omelettes weren’t quite my thing.  After months of “putting an egg on it,” any egg that wasn’t carrying a drippy yolk at its center just wasn’t worth my time or taste buds.  But that, as with anything else in due course, is changing.  I was baffled at what I could put together out of what meager, wilted greens and things I had left in my fridge today, and I was even MORE baffled at the stunning, fluffy egg pocket that came out of it all.

Here’s what I used for my omelette for one:

– 6-8 stalks of asparagus
– a large handful of fresh baby arugula
– a splash of grapefruit juice (I used the remainder of one I had just eaten … you could leave this out but I thought it
was a fun touch)
– 1 clove of garlic
– 1/2 tsp tarragon (dried or fresh, this herb gives SO MUCH LIFE to eggs)
– 2 eggs (I would have used 3 but I only had 2…)
– a handful of shredded gruyere (I had just a butt leftover of that too…)
– olive oil for sauteing
– butter for … buttering

I sauteed the garlic in some olive oil, then added the asparagus in one inch chunks, the arugula, and the tarragon, and continued to saute it all with some salt and pepper until the asparagus was tender and the arugula was just beginning to get dark and goopy on me.  I removed it from the pan.  I beat the eggs in a smallish bowl with about a Tablespoon of grapefruit juice (I could argue that the acidity adds some fluff and flavor?) and then added the sauteed mixture and mixed until it was all incorporated.

I put a pat of butter and a drizzle of olive oil in my cast iron skillet over medium heat.  Don’t ask me why, but the combo of butter and olive oil makes for a great crispy exterior on omelettes/frittatas/what have you.  It gets really bubbly and makes sure nothing sticks.  I poured the mixture into the pan and topped it with the shredded gruyere.

After the bottom was browning sufficiently and the eggs were beginning to set, I carefully folded over one half of the omelette.  As long as your pan is well seasoned and you make sure you’ve loosened it all sufficiently, you shouldn’t have any problems folding.  I flipped it once or twice to make sure it was perfectly golden all around, then cut it in half and plated it.

I took a tentative bite, not quite sure of my omelette abilities, and i was pleasantly surprised!  Flavorful with aromas of gruyere and tarragon, meaty asparagus and peppery arugula, a tiny hint of grapefruit (that I will swear I can taste to anyone who asks even though it may be nigh impossible), and a crispy exterior!  I’ve learned this morning that omelettes truly are the kitchen sink of breakfasts, and that you can just throw whatever you’ve got into one and end up with a neat breakfast treat.

Go experiment!  Also, I drew a new little logo/header thing for you guys, do you like???



12 thoughts on “(All But The) Kitchen Sink Omelette

  1. That’s what I like about eggs, you can add almost anything to them and even then if something goes wrong, well you can still call them scrambled eggs!

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