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Put an Egg on It!

Eggs are magical things.  Mark Bittman showed us recently (as if we didn’t already know) the limitless possibilities of our dear friend, the egg, and it only follows that I should follow suit with a billet-doux of my own to the champion savior of breakfasts around the world — so put an egg on it!  Putting things on things is totally en vogue now (Put a bird on it?), and eggs are perpetually modisch, so I figured I’d share my favorite secret, which isn’t really a secret at all, for a knock-your-socks-off breakfast that really originates the night before, with dinner!

Pizza: put an egg on it!

Flashback to Thursday evening.  Sewon stopped by with a few fresh ingredients to make pizzas, the first time we’ve taken the opportunity to hang out since she’d moved to Brooklyn.  We sauteed radicchio in balsamic vinegar, tossed it with olive oil and pears and goats’ milk capricho de cabra cheese for one pizza.  The other pizza consisted of a crushed red pepper tomato sauce, roasted grape tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, and leaves upon leaves of fresh basil from my new little plant.

Two pizzas. Two satisfied tummies.

Before we knew it, we’d polished off the wine, and the pizza dwindled, though leaving one delightful morsel leftover.  Into the fridge that went while the rest of the weekend flew by.  Friday was met with the closing of our office; our President shut us down for a mental health day and took us all out to see the Hunger Games that morning.  Spent the rest of the afternoon in Central Park with Ian, while tweens cascaded around us on our rocky outcropping.  Fast forward through mediocre oysters, free apple crumble from a charmingly frazzled waitress, sandwiches at the Brooklyn Larder, “Bourbon-ades” (dangerously delicious!), twinkle lights at Berry Park, and here we are: Sunday morning breakfast.

The pizza comes out of the fridge, into the oven, and onto my plate.  Coffee grinds, jumps in the press, olive oil goes in a pan, an egg flies in next, and within minutes, a breakfast fit for a king.

Seriously. Put an egg on it.

All it takes is an egg.  You can literally put an egg on ANYTHING and get a better breakfast.  Ian put one on his banana pancakes, which weirded me OUT, but I really couldn’t judge, especially with my put-an-egg-on-it mantra.

What do you like to put an egg on?  Send me pictures to breakfastbachelor@gmail.com, with a link or something if you wish, and I’ll do a “PUT AN EGG ON IT: GUEST EDITION” post next week with all your favorite egg-on-it pics!  Or, if you’re more tech-savvy, tweet me a pic @brkfstbchlr (no vowels), with #putaneggonit and I’ll get your pic that way!

Let’s get cracking!


15 thoughts on “Put an Egg on It!

  1. In love with this idea. I put poached eggs on pasta all the time and its the yummiest. I can’t wait to see your pictures!

    Love you 🙂

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  3. I had a debate with a friend last week as to whether eggs are the greatest food ever. My thought was that they’re certainly VERSATILE, but that I still wasn’t sure how much I liked them on their own (sans, say, hot sauce). My boyfriend puts eggs on everything he makes, to the point where I’m about to put a temporary stop to buying 2-3 cartons a week. But…I do still like eggs, especially when poached or sunny side up with the yolk running over rice. Yum!

  4. Love your blog! In our house, the egg would probably go on something with jam. My teenage daughter likes to exercise her right to independence by putting jam on everything… And congrats on being fresh pressed!

  5. Oh, is there anything more perfect than an egg in all its rich, runny yolked glory? Eggs on pizza is surely a match made in breakfast heaven. Or lunch heaven. Or dinner heaven. Or snack heaven.
    Certainly no surprise that the best thing I have EVER eaten was the Eggs Rothko at Egg over in your stomping grounds! Drool.

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